20 years ago no one even heard the term blogging, but today almost every tom, dick and harry are engaged into blogging. If you ask anyone if they are a blogger, they would say yes. Be it a Facebook post with comments or a short tweet of around 140 characters, you are a blogger. Even uploading a video on YouTube and obtaining subscribers and comments can make you a video blogger.

Blogging is now not only confined to writing down 500 to 1000 words on any specific topic, but has enlarged into self expressing quotes or paragraphs. People are now actively participating into blogging instead of watching T.V shows and spreading their views and emotions on a wide platform across the world.

Why to Blog?

No one is forcing anyone to blog. Blogging was once for pleasure and sharing views and thoughts on various subjects, but now it much more than that. Blogging has taken a professional turn and anyone who wants to earn money or increase their business should engage into blogging as it offers a wide scope of opportunities to spread you across the world.

Qualifications for Blogging

You may wonder that since blogging has taken a professional front you might need professional qualifications. But it is not necessary. The basic qualification that one requires for blogging is fluency in English Grammar and sentence formation and good knowledge in a particular field. Apart from this having a higher degree of Bachelor or Masters in Journalism or education can be an added benefit.

How to Blog?

You can start blogging by adopting two usual ways – either by creating your own blog or by being a guest/paid blogger. You can create a blog on any niche by visiting WordPress or Blogger.com(Blogspot)  and develop it by writing something about yourself and what you can expect from the blog. This is more of a personal blog. On the other hand, you can be guest blog or paid blogger for any website and company and post blogs on their websites regarding what they ask of you.

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The Benefits of Being a blogger

Engaging in blogging can offer you various advantages. Not only does it offer you a wide platform to spread your views,business,ideas across the world but also offer the following.

You will become a Better Writer

The first and foremost thing that a blog will do for you is make you a better writer. All you need to do is sit down and write as much as you can and gradually you will see a massive change in your writing from where you started. Just thinking about it won’t do any good but engaging into writing will definitely make you a better writer.

Learning Opportunities

The best thing about blogging is that it will help you learn about diverse niches. Either it will make you the master of one niche or you would master multiple niches. With blogging one can introduce itself with different subjects ranging from politics, society, art, music, food, travel, fashion, health, technology and list is endless. Be it any minor or major thing happening across the world, you can know about it via blogs and also write on it and help others learn.


Now-a-days people are more focused on online reading rather than books, except for the bookworms. If you write blogs and share it on social platforms or write it for others, then people across the world may start recognizing you by your name and blog. Start your blog either on WordPress or Blogger.com (Blogspot) and see how many visitors like your blog to judge your visibility.


Blogging also makes you an amazing researcher. Because you need to research about what you are writing once you have started with blogging. If it is social issues that you are focusing on then you will have to know what is going around in the world community. If you want to blog about art, music or any other niche, then you will have to know about its history and only then you can blend your views and ideas with it.

Job Opportunities

Not only does it give you intellectual benefits, but also monetary benefits. Blogging will help you get better jobs as every employer today is operating online and requires an in-house blogger. If you are acquainted with the world of blogging then the employer will definitely choose you as he will not have to hire a freelancer or other person for the job.

Builds Client Base

If you have an inert website then you may not be able to attract new customers/clients. However a frequently updated website and blogs can bring a good number of leads to your website from across the country. There are also blogs which provide knowledge to clients regarding their problems and this helps you gain their trust. Thus a blog post can help you acquire new clients and build your client base.

Build Network

Someone said that to exist in this world you need to have contacts, especially when in business. Interesting and valuable blog posts can help you build that network by attracting readers and fetching feedback from them. They may even send you personal messages and ask for your help and some may be kind enough to help you reach your target. A Blog is a best platform to broadcast yourself and reach a wide range of people and let them know what you feel about a specific subject or just entertain and provide knowledge to them regarding different niches.

Improves SEO

Blogging is the best way to about search engine rankings and how to rank your website on the popular search engines. It is well said that “Content Is The King” and it is the case with blogging the more your blog post will be informative and unique the more rank you will get as it shows your authority and authenticity, the more readers will visit thereby increasing the traffic on your website. Increased traffic and positive comments may earn you higher page rankings for your website on the search engines.

Sell Products

A blog helps you to create a electronic store. Catchy and Informative articles on a specific product can help you get more sales and increase your audience and increase sales as well.

Express Yourself

Some people are shy when it comes to speaking out their views,thoughts and ideas. However, a blog helps them post about what they think or feel about a particular topic either by exposing their name or anonymously.

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