I would say this is one of the wittiest move by Airtel to Overcome the Jio Effect and get the customers back to its network. Airtel is now providing Free data to its customers for a year. 🙂 But there’s a twist, you have to ditch your present network operator to get this offer availed.

As far as the present Airtel users are concerned, they have to upgrade to a 4G handset to avail this offer, but their no prior knowledge if present Airtel users are eligible for this offer.

But we know that It is available for bot prepay and postpay users.

So, How You Can Avail This Offer From Airtel?

Since Airtel has created this offer to get more customers and make users switch to Airtel.

You have to;

  1. You should be on a network Other than Airtel ( Jio Would Do 😛 )
  2. A 4G Handset is must.
  3. If you are a Airtel user already then you have to have a 4G Handset to avail this offer.

This scheme will run form January 4th and February 28th, 2017. It can save you a good amaout of money, as 3GB of data will be provided every month for a Year.

Ajai Puri, Director of Market Operations, Bharti Airtel, said, “We are inviting customers to experience 4G through the year on India’s fastest network. We are seeing increasing penetration of 4G handsets across the country and believe that this attractive offer will provide an opportunity to more and more customers to enjoy high speed broadband on their devices with Airtel.”

So Are you a Airtel User? Hers what you will get

Prepaid Users: This offer is vailed on selected plans, If you have Rs 345 pack for 1 GB and swithed to Airtel from any other network then you will get additional 3Gb every month and unlimited calling for a year.

Postpay Users: Users who have opted for MyPlan Infinity Plans, as an additional 3GB of data would be automatically added to their account, every month.

Mukul Chugh, Co-founder, Beximo : I would say this is a smart business move by Airtel which is known to be the larget telecom network of India, It will surely help Airtel to overcome the JIO fever. We are seeing forward for the results.

I hope you loved reading this article, Stay Tuned for more.. 🙂 

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