Are you an android user? Yes that’s why you are landed on this page to know about some ways to boost your android phone. Android is the most popular Operating System and it is admired and used by enormous number of people and its popularity has increased a lot ever since its launch.

If you want to know “How to Increase Android Smartphone’s Performance and Speed” then this is a must read article for you. 🙂

Using an android phone for a long time can decrease its performance and it feels like you are using a mobile that has been expired years ago. It doesn’t matter if your phone has quad-core processor or it have 2GB Ram or both, these things are not so helpful always because whenever you install apps on your device it makes it more laggy as it influences its RAM and also give load to its CPU which slow down your device’s performance.

But you know you can get rid of these problems and speed up your android without professional skills.

Optimize your Home Screen

Are you using any screen saver or live wallpaper then remove it as it’s the thing that many users use on their android phone but it can affect your android speed as well as battery life. So, better remove these things.

Close the Apps Running in the Background

Do you know if you close an app after using it it’s still running on background? Yes even if you shutdown an app but it’s not completely closed. So you need to close it manually.

Do this by following these 3 simple steps:-

  • Go to your mobile settings scroll down and you will see and option called ‘Apps’ Tap on it.
  • And go to ‘Running Apps’.
  • There you will see the complete list of those apps who are consuming your android battery performance as well as android speed.

Avoid Launchers Apps

Never use any launcher to make your android look cool. It can give your android a new look but can cause many problems like hang, apps closes automatically etc (Specially for low RAM users)

Clean the Cache Memory

Every app that you have used has some cache into your android phone. If you browse YouTube and use it for at least 1 hour it will consume a space of about 200MB of cache which you need to clear every time after you browse any app. You can do this by visiting it’s proper page in the Settings>Applications>Manage applications and tap on an app and there you will find an option of ‘Clear Cache’. So just clear it.

Reset your phone

If all else fails then this would be the last and the best way to make your android phone faster. And if your phone becomes completely irresponsible then I’ll suggest you to do this. Once done you will see a lot of Free RAM available in Settings>Applications. And it will be faster like before (experienced myself).But make sure to firstly backup all your data from your phone before doing this.


Bonus Tips…..

These were some of the tips we gave you but you can also use applications for your Smartphone to help you improve your device’s performance 🙂

Clean Master

It is a overall optimizer and cleaner for your android Smartphone it will help your clear your device’s RAM and Cache to help you boost your device’s speed and performance.


It is a yet another optimizer and cleaner which can go beyond the boundaries and help your increase your android’s performance and speed. You must try it. I am also using CCleaner for improving my android’s performance. 🙂

SD Maid-System Cleaning Tool

This application does a lot of work and it will surely help you go beyond the boundaries as it is a file manager, optimizer, cleaner and much more. You can go and check it yourself.


This will help you enjoy your android’s full strength as it will decrease the battery drainage and also boost your android’s performance and speed.

Assistant for Android

This useful application will help you get most out of your android device as it will allow you to monitor the functioning of your Smartphone and also clear Cache and RAM.

Now, after trying all these tips your phone will start performing like a new android device. So today you have learned how to speed up your android phone.

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