2016 has been a great year for chainsmokers , an American DJ duo .  After the viral But first let me take a selfie song in 2015 , they have improved their brand image by Closer , a single  that has been up on the  Billiboard Hot 100 , and it stayed up for 12 continuous weeks . You need to admit that you loved the song and you still dig it. Here’s something interesting you need to know about the song .

       So baby pull me closer in the

    Backseat of your rover

    That I know you cant afford it

     Bite the tattoo on your shoulder

    Pull the sheets right of the corner

    Of the mattress that you stole

    From your roommate back in boulder

    We ain’t ever getting older

     Now if you just listen the chorus of the song you would probably think what does it actually mean . And you will think that it is nothing else just gibberish put together in a rhyming form.

Source : Billiboard


Listening it’s chorus at first even I thought the same . But the song is catchy enough to make a space in your playlists and compel you to repeat it on again and again .


So , after listening to it a couple of times I realised that these does not mean anything  ( especially in chorus ) and these are jumbled phrases written in a rhythmical way . I am pretty sure that It wasn’t just me comment me and let me know if I am not only the one who couldn’t get over the lyrics while appreciating the dope music of the Closer.





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  1. Yet another graphic example of how free speech and freedom of thought are dying if not already dead in Europe. If this doesn’t represent the brave new world of mucutlultiralism I don’t know what does. And I bet many brainwashed Europeans think this is just fine and dandy. Can we expect this kind of repressive crap here in the States if Comrade Obama wins? Be afraid, be very afraid.


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