Stress is an unstable state of mind with mental or emotional strain or tension. It is rightly said that Stress is actually a socially acceptable form of mental illness. Which nowadays, is turning out to be the most dangerous and common disorder.
In this fast paced world, all of us try to compete with others and lead the table, which takes an extra effort, extra strain on the brain, extra fatigue to the body, extra tension and extra stress overall. 

The students and the office goers are in the worst conditions. The office goers experience a lot of work load on them as the new generation believes in working hard but for lesser time. Earlier people used to work less per day but they worked till their 60s. Whereas people now have the thinking to work till 40 and earn more and live out their lives as they strongly believe in YOLO (you only live once). This results into higher work loads and higher stress rates.

When it comes to the students, they go through extreme pressure conditions in their school life in the race to score good grades specially during the exam days.

The stress level of students during the exams is usually too high. Students in our country have a general criteria to rate themselves. If they score good in exams, they believe they are good enough but if they don’t, they are then trapped into social fears that people won’t accept them. They experience extreme pressure from parents, teachers and their relatives as they have some expectations from the child and the child with the fear of not being able to score increases the stress level.
The problems related to stress are easy to tackle. Since the main reason of high stress is over thinking over a thing, one should always keep this in mind that the thing you are over thinking about might not be a problem or it might be. If it isn’t actually a problem then it makes no sense stressing over it. And it there’s a problem then it will have solution or it might not. If there’s a solution, you need to show your effort to overcome the problem instead of just crying at your condition. And if there is no solution to a problem (which rarely happens) stressing over it is again just a wastage of time and energy. So in all the conditions, one should never stress upon a particular thing for too long. 
Some effective ways to overcome stress can be –

1) Listening Soothing music (Or one of you choice that makes you happy)

2) A walk in Nature’s lap

3) Meditation 

4) Draw something

5) Remind yourself – 

     • I’m the best.

     • I can do it.

     • I have to do it.

     • Nothing is Impossible

6) Laugh with or without some jokes😂

7) Plan your work (actually feels great)

8) Play a small game (don’t end up doing that all day)

9) Go fetch something to eat it might give you peace

10) Talk to elder sibling or your parents.

Posted by Mayank Nagpal

Hey! I am Mayank Nagpal, a student and a freelance writer who is ambitious to his goals. A foodie and diehard MSDian.


  1. Samriddhi singh March 5, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    Good job Nagpal.
    Keep the spirit high.


    1. Thanks Samriddhi! Stay tuned for more!


  2. Found something I can write in my English board exam!


    1. Haha! Hope it helps you either way.
      Mayank Nagpal recently posted…All You Can Do To Tackle StressMy Profile


  3. Aayush Mittal March 7, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Good and effective thoughts that can help to overcome our stress. Good Yarr .


    1. Thanks mate! I would love to know if it helps
      Mayank Nagpal recently posted…All You Can Do To Tackle StressMy Profile


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