After integrating services like Ola and Uber in Google Maps. The Internet Giant Google Inc. entered the food deliver and home services space with some serious money making business tactics.

Unlike any other food delivery and home services app, the all new Areo by Google is an innovative idea in itself. The catch is rather getting involved into the business Google tied up with companies like UrbanClap with provides services like AC Repair, Plumbing and many more and Fasoos which is a food delivery startup. Google integrated their services in their app and hopefully Google will start incorporating much more brands to give users a wide variety of choice. It is clear that Google is working hard to get into every Sector and is doing fairly well in the business.

Google also entered the Domain Registrar sector last year and started a new range of smartphones which it manufactures under its brand name i.e. the Google Pixel smartphone.

So with this step Google is going to unite all the services into one app. But this is not unique as far as other brands like Tapzoo and Just Dial is concerned. They’ve already entered this space and doing fairly well.

Though Google is the industry giant and have that potential to out do all these companies and give a death blow to their business but who knows. Maybe they don’t get success. Similarly this happened with Google Allo though it is in its budding stage.

We hope for the best. Good Luck Google! 🙂

At present Google have started its services in Metro Cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai. So the app is in its testing stage and there is way to go. In simple words we can say you get control all the services of this segment at one place using this app called Areo. 🙂

So, let’s dig more into the app and see how this works and how can you download it and use it.

Areo in Action

You can easily download this app from Google Play Store, just like any other app. Just type the name Areo in the search bar and then install it. It’s that simple.

When you’ll launch the app you will get an introductory interface. Then you’ll be asked to enter your location and switch on the GPS to get accurate co-ordinates of your location.

After you’ve saved your address then you will be redirected to its page and all the services available will be displayed and then you can easily navigate through them and order any of the services you like.

You can choose from services like Food delivery, beauty, home maintenance, chores and cleaning, repairs and installation, fitness and specialty services.

You can order from various restraunts and you’ll be notified about the time of delivery and price of your order etc.

This is a damn easy to use app and this is what makes this app more user-friendly and attractive.
This can give two impacts on the companies that are tied up with Google for this project. There sales might increase and give them good profits. But on the other hand the users will stop using individual apps of these companies and use Areo due to its comfort and ease of use.

Though we cannot say everything and every aspect of this project right now, Coz it’s the start. Let’s see what it does in the future.

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