When we go back to our golden times we remember about all those experiences of adulating our favourite cartoon characters . I still remember those saturdays waiting for my favourite animated show dragon tales with my breakfast in front and Even I remember every cartoon character from Ash’s pikachu to gingka’s pegasus .

My admiration and love for mickeys cheery disposition and distaste for Donald Duck because of his grumpy face can’t just be attributed to an unexplained child psyche. These all cartoon character convey more to us then entertaining they give us best life lessons . They are


He ate spinach in the time of danger and used to get energy instantly . Where as spinach here used is just a metaphor . This symbolizes that we can be energetic . stronger and bigger .


A thrilling animated series involved a group of teenagers who solved mysteries this show taught us that the real monsters are the humans only and in our life we should be strong enough to face fears .


Ash with his strong and determined pokemons taught us to go beyond mediocrity and and always strive and become the best .

Winnie The Pooh 

Pooh was the most adorable cartoon character . There is so much to learn from him about patience and love . A little consideration and thought for others makes all the difference.

Tweety Bird 

She was tiny but she showed us that in life size doesn’t matter . This lesson is the most relevant lesson today – how to think quickly on our feet . In this deadline oriented world we must not forget this lesson .

Johnny Bravo

A poor boy being rejected by so many women , but his confidence always remained intact .

Bravo taught us to keep trying , and trying harder every time .


A squarepant cartoon character which taught to look towards the positive side . Even when no one else looked towards it and to  be positive in life

Richie Rich 

A million dollar boy , he used all his money in good deeds and for all the right reasons .  He proved us that being calm in the negative and tough situations will take you places .

Jerry , The mouse 

He was a cute mouse and always got his way while fighting his rival Tom , the cat . It taught us that there is no point getting intimidated by stronger rivals just be innovative and survival will be easy .


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