All that seemed to glitter was never gold. Undertaking a subject of your choice was never so easy as said. This is not the case just with you, but with every other ordinary student who undertakes admission in high school keeping in mind a future of his dreams.

Wait, what? That sounds funny, but statistically more than 70% of the students taking admission in high schools are in this funny dilemma.

Well, in this case seeking advices can never be advantageous, not because it differs person to person but because it concerns your life and how could you be so lame to let anyone decide what your higher studies will be (giving it a deeper thought).Not so surprisingly, in India, people prefer pursuing sciences and grabbing a perfect job for a perfect life, except the ones who already have a clear aim (commerce, arts, music, dance, etc.) about all they want in life. There are still many who opt out for wrong choices that were never made for them. Undoubtedly, entrepreneurship will always be the best example. This is because, just having an idea or a business plan can never make you one. You have to have the will in you to prove, what you bring in new will be the best. There are people who don’t realise. Now that is when the first line comes into action. There are damn many monstrous things waiting for you to step in and you are already in. This is when, either your grades go down or you start losing interest in what you’re actually doing and believe me this is the worst thing that can happen. There are still many who fight this, come up with solutions and give their best into actions just because they realise (what if it’s late) the importance. But those who couldn’t, stand at wrong sides and nobody else except they themselves are at fault.

So all you got to do is self-introspect and keep that ‘scanner mode’ on just to make the right decision among all your choices. You surely can do it by yourself, just have the faith in you, that what you decide today with produce you fruits tomorrow. Don’t put yourself in an inopportune situation and rather take the easy way out, don’t put your deciding items into your pending list (or may be lists) and finish it up right away. Believe me, all you own is your time until you choose the wrong ladder because reversing situations later, will never be easy and why take a chance?

Posted by Arjun Bhanot

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