To The love-struck tales I had once read,

To the happy winding stories around my mind that fled

To my utter surprise they now started seeming real,

As he in my life, smiled and stepped ahead.


To my lackings, he was the improviser

To my failures, he was the chief advisor

To my weaknesses, he stood as my strength

To make me learn from my mistakes, nobody else than him was wiser.


To every step I took, I knew he stood behind

To every slip of mine, he made sure I didn’t mind,

To his offering hand I could always walk with,

Even if the creator, for once, had sent me blind.


To his forehead kiss that strengthened me up,

To his words of praise that boosted me up,

To his colourful surprises that brought colors into my grey

This is to you dad,

You complete my life and I fall for you everyday.



Posted by Arjun Bhanot

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  1. Gud one


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