Have you been in love? Have you ever loved someone beyond limits? Do you think the other person loves you or deserves your love? These are few dilemmas one might feel in a relationship at some point of time and these are perfectly delivered by Out Co-Founder in his self written poem “The Devil in Me Cries”

So, here is the poem……


I am a simple guy with bunch of expectations,

There are times I whisper about her to the devil,

But the devil in me deny.


I always had mixed thoughts,

But the devil in me urged, to let her go


I loved her more than my limits,

But the devil in me tried to suppress the lover in me.


I was so fond of her,

But the devil in me is now addicted too.


The devil now say, don’t let her go

But sometimes I feel a gap created though.


It is hard to fill the gap,

But the devil in me, insist to fight for the place.


Now the devil in me is possessive and arrogant,

It cannot bear anyone else’s presence,

The prince wants to create a world,

A world where the princess lives with the prince away from the cruel world,

The devil in me grows new expectations.

Now the stage is ready, the bags are packed,

But the devil in me knew the fact,

The princess is so fond of her friends and they would never let the prince enter their den.


Now the prince wants the princess by his side.

And give it all it takes, he sacrifice

He sacrifice his self-respect and stands on the verge of extinction,

But the devil cries.


Now the hearts  broken, expectations high.

The devil in me gives up,

The prince never lose hopes to get the princess back,

The devil’s tolerance broke, he now dominates.


The devil cries, urges and begs to fill the gap,

But who knows it’s a herculean task to be done.


The mixed feelings and doubts kill the prince,

But who knew the devil had another plans.


The prince wanted to be polite,

But the devil in me had arrogance to serve,

Now the devil dominates while the prince depicts a king in exile.


The devil in me cries, but the prince tries

The prince wants the devil to die but all it needs is a little try,

The efforts made for this are less

All it takes, the devil now needs rest.

The devil in me cries…..


I hope you loved this poem, stay tuned for more…

Posted by Mukul Chugh

Hi Folks, I am Mukul Chugh, web developer and writer based in India. I am an avid reader and an enthusiastic tech addict blogger.


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  2. Very sweet and interesting poem^_^…


    1. Thnx for ur kind words Ritu…Stay Tuned for more amazing stuff…


  3. Hi sweetie! Well, you should learn to knit! Trust me, it’s looks more difficult than it is, most if it is math when you start knitting the difficult stuff!I hope you have a great New Years!! The Christmas Day in was nice, but now I have to get around in the cold leftover snow and go to my Au1&n#82t7;s tonight


  4. Anushka Saxena March 22, 2017 at 9:30 pm

    Loved it. Way to go!


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