What is Beximo?

Basically Beximo is multi-niche infotainment website based in India. It aims of providing quality content to the user and to remove the boredom. We are working in various fields like, Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Entertainment, News, Facts, Videos, Food, Lifestyle, Sports and so on.

Beximo is your one stop destination to get the best articles on various topics without any hassle. With our ultra simple navigation platform you can have your content delivered to your device without any hassle.

Our Tagline….

Our Tagline is ” Simple. Clear. Sensible” . Our tagline clearly depicts that we are some serious person working hard to provide our users the best of us. Without any complications  in a simple, clear and sensible way. We will also provide facts and news in a sarcastic form to amuse our users and to help you understand the new concepts laid by the government and other organisations easily and quickly.

How it all started?

So, one of our co-founders, Mukul. Got his leg fractured and while he was at bed rest he noted down whole plan of Beximo and once he was able to walk, He straight away went to his friends and the co-founders of Beximo. Rohan and Parth, narrated the plan to them and started working on it and here is Beximo for you.

Our Team….

  • Mukul Chugh (The Developer)
  • Rohan Khurana (The Executor)
  • Parth Guglani ( The Sarcasm Expert)
  • Tejas Bhatia (Smart.Style.Happy)
  • Mayank Nagpal (The Ultimate Foodie)